Honest and Brutal Edits



PROOFREADING Proofreading is the process of examining the final draft of a manuscript — after it has been edited — to ensure there are no errors. A proofreader will review for spelling errors, punctuation errors, typos or incorrect use of regional English.

EDITING When hiring a freelance editor, you’re hiring someone to review and change your text. The intent is to improve the flow and overall quality of your writing. An editor has the freedom to remove entire sentences or rewrite entire paragraphs. A good editor will correct any obvious errors they come across with the goal of ensuring that the document makes sense, cuts down on wordiness, and clarifies any ambiguity.

Proofreading Editing
What you are looking for: – goes beyond “spellcheck” to catch errors
a computer might miss

– ensures zero grammatical errors,
usually after a document has already been edited

– rewriting sentences and paragraphs
for flow and continuity

– clarifying and improving text

Wordcount Prices
0 – 20.000 $90 $150
20.001 – 50.000 $150 $300
50.001 – 70.000 $225 $400
70.001 – 90.000 $300 $500
90.001+ Price on request

Note: Prices are subject to sample chapter evaluation